When it comes time to move, you may wonder whether you should hire a moving company or simply do it yourself. There are many moving companies who can help Kelowna movers to transport their precious items safely, yet, you consider to do it alone despite affordable movers in Kelowna such as That Guy Van Lines.

How big is your move?

First of all, you need to think about how many things you own which you want to move. If you’re moving out of a small apartment or bedroom, then you’re probably only going to have enough items to fill up a decently-sized pickup truck or two. However, if you’re a family or you simply own a lot of stuff, Hiring Kelowna movers like That Guy Van Lines is your best call.

How fragile are the items that you want to move?

You should also bear in mind how fragile your items are. If you’re moving precious heirlooms and antiques around, the best moving companies like That Guy Van Lines will have the resources necessary to transport these goods safely.

Is your physical health capable to do a move?

If you’re thinking about moving to Kelowna by yourself, you need to ask yourself whether you are physically able to do so. You should also think about your ability to lift heavy boxes. If you’re not in the best shape, moving to Kelowna could be made much easier by That Guy Van Lines, the most affordable movers Kelowna has to offer.

How much is moving going to cost you?

When calculating how much it would cost to move on your own, you also need to take into the account all the equipment which is needed when moving.

Do you have all the boxes, tape, bubble wrap, suitcases, and other items which you will need? Professional moving companies in Kelowna, such as That Guy Van Lines, can provide these for you, making the process much faster and easier overall.

Is your vehicle big enough to transport all of your items at once? If you need to do multiple trips, the gas bill could rack up, especially if you’re moving quite far away.

If you are considering doing the move yourself, how much will you spend thanking those who helped you? Paying for a round of Pizza or Beer adds to your cost that you won’t have with professional moving companies Kelowna like That Guy Van Lines.

What’s the next step in your moving adventure?

Once you have established the financial, physical, and stressful cost of doing a move yourself, call That Guy Van Lines for a quote so you can compare the two options. Doing your move yourself can be a lot more expensive and stressful than you may think. The team at That Guy Van Lines is here to make your move affordable and as stress-free as possible.

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