Moving day can be stressful if you are not prepared. Below are some tips to make your day go smooth.

  1. Empty your fridge and freezer, stop buying groceries one month prior to your move. Eat perishables before moving day. Nothing is worse then leaky meat or spoiled food on your voyage.
  2. Donate clothes that haven’t been worn in over a year. Moving to a new residence allows you to start fresh, why take items that no longer are used?
  3. Empty outside plant pot soil, the extra weight may cost you more. Also dirt all over your items is never fun. If you decide to keep soil in the pots wrap the soil (roots of )plant in a plastic bag to avoid spillage.
  4. Set up carpet cleaning for after the movers are finished. Your landlord can still bill you for carpet cleaning, if it is not done properly after the furniture is removed.
  5. Pack up a suitcase of essentials prior to moving day. Nothing is worse then having to buy new toothbrushes or underwear as you can’t locate which box you packed everything in.